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  • Sat.  10 AM to 2 PM

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    PHONE  425.482.9022

We provide

◦ Quality placement
◦ Detailed map of your personalized sign route
◦ Monthly evaluation reports
◦ Field manager audits   ◦ Sign storage & inventory control


A-Board Placement Program

An effective marketing campaign starts with the people on the ground, our experienced staff will provide quality placement of your A-Boards every weekend, we have a cable lockdown service available to provide worry free placement of your signage. We can also assist in the design and production of your custom made signs, ensuring that your community is visually represented to the fullest.

We will provide a detailed map of your sign route taking into account such things as high traffic areas, competing communities and easy access from the local freeways and thoroughfares.

Piedmont’s highly trained management will provide a monthly evaluation report and a regular field manager audits to completely ensure the best placement possible. We will also keep inventory of your signs and store them at one of our warehouse locations spread across the Puget Sound.

You provide the signs for us to place.
Cable lockdown service available
We can assist you in the design and production of your custom-made signs.